EweKids Farm is situated along the St. Lawrence River, three miles west of Morrisburg, Ontario, on 68 acres of farmland. We are proud to say that we are one of the few farms in Canada that raise White AND Naturally Coloured Angora Goats. Mostl of our Angora goats are registered/recorded with their respective breed registries.for a total of 130 plus or minus a few.

We also have 2 pot belly pigs - (Spencer and our newest edition, Harley), Chinese & African Geese , Ducks, Chickens and Cats and some fantailed doves we inherited from a big, burly, loveable teddybear of a man, who left this world way too soon.

Guarding this eclectic group is Duke our Great Pyr..

To try to keep abreast of any new programs, our herd is certified in the National Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program . We are a closed herd. Also,  both of us are Certified Registry Inspectors with CAGBA.

And that's a little of who we are.


Please note that our web site, like our farm, is a project in progress. It may change daily or not at all for long periods of time. 

Bill and Ethel would like to thank you for visiting our farm. Please feel free to call ( 613 ) 543-9062 or e-mail us at ewekidsfarm@persona.ca if you have any questions. Also, we would be PLEASED to have you "physically" visit us.   Byyyyyyy        (updated )                                  

More pictures below.


Chesterville Fair

Med-A Goat 911 Caprine Crisis Hotline

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association

Rat Terrier Rescue Canada

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