Registered White Angora Goats

These two little fellows are Sinbad and Spiro, twins born March 20/06.  Both have been registered with CLRC. If you want a quiet, friendly little fellow for your herd, any one of these two fit the bill.

Rodney was the last born May 23, 2005.  He is another sweet little fellow also registered with CLRC.  He has fairly nice coverage and sheared 5.25 lbs on his second clip.  As you read, you may notice that all my bucks are "sweet" or "friendly".  Personally, I have never had a problem in 8 years with an aggressive buck.(I cant say that about sheep though)  We spend a lot of time with our little guys because of the layout of our barn.  I find the white angoras very docile compared to the colored angoras.  They seem to be more free spirited but then again, there are exceptions to every rule.  I do have colored bucks that will gladly walk over for a scratch.

Colored Angora Goats

The black colored angora is Sambo.  He was born a twin on March 26, 2006.  His sister and mother are now living in Alberta at Glennis Tober's farm.  Sambo has the recessive black gene. He has a nice curl to his fiber and is looking for a harem.  I had him breed a reverse badger doe this fall and he certainly knew what to do and how to do it fast!! He is spunky.

Not a good stance but this is Star. He was a twin born on April 16, 2006.  When he was a baby, he was the most amazing reddish brown color and a white patch on his forehead that resemebled a star...hence the name. He also has a very laid back, docile temperment. 

This is twin brother Stone.  The reason he got his name was when he was only a couple weeks old, I noticed him lying in the barnyard amongst a few rocks and he blended right in.  I will post a picture of this on the "our farm" link later.  Stone was born April 16, 2006.  A very handsome fellow but not as dark colored as his brother.

Rocky was born April 9, 2005 to Misty and Leif.  He was the cutest little kid.  Looking at him from the front he looked like he had white "eyebrows" that ran across his forehead.  Rocky also has his dad's baby blue eyes.  So does my husband, but he's not for sale!!



Titan. was born March 24/07.  He is the one that is laying by the tree.  Harley wants the apple that is beside Titan and the two of them are exchanging "words".  Harley won in case you were wondering who got the apple.

Color Carrier Goats


Mixed Breed Goats
Stirling Silver was a 'SURPRISE" last year (2006).  His mom was a baby herself, having a baby. GrandMom is a pygora and Mom also has the pygora qualities, however, Sonny here, has more angora goat fiber qualities.  I am assuming that dad was a colored angora buck that "snuck" through the fence.  Stirling was born the most gorgeous silver color but has since faded to an off white fleece with a silvery face. I was really hoping that his fleece would stay close to the color he was born.
Meet Randall.  He was born on Feb 26/03. His mom was a saanen/angora mix and only the good Lord knows who the daddy is. I had Randall wethered because I thought he would make a nice pet quality goat.  He grows a fuzzy coat in the fall and then sheds it in the spring.  The weather has been crazy this year and even some of my angoras are starting to blow their fleece.  It is lovely for a few days and then old man winter hits with a vengence.


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