Norma Jean was born Feb 6/03.  She is a beautiful blue eyed docile creature.  Angoras are God's living snowballs.   Norma Jean is looking for a good home where she doesn't have to share her grain with so many others






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This is Ree with her surprise kid Timmy.  Ree was born April 28, 2005.  Her mom was a recessive black angora doe and her dad was a dominant black and white buck, hence, she came out as white but with the color gene.  Timmy was born April 29/07.  He is lame on his right front leg.  When he was about 6 weeks old, he caught his leg in a crotch of a limb on a fallen tree and fractured his knee.  The vet said that if he was a dog, he would be operated on but if he was a cat, he would be left to heal on his own.  Well, we treated him as a cat and he did heal, but not without causing lameness. We did learn to pay close attention to anything that looks like a pinch point. Goats will do their best to get into trouble!!

Marilyn was quite the surprise when she was born.  Her mom, Gina, is a white angora who was led astray by some buck(s) and ended up "with child".  In fact, children...Gina gave birth on Feb 11, 2002 to two does.  The first doe that was delivered was a beautiful blue-eyed curly haired kid and then about 10 minutes later, Marilyn arrived.  I stood in amazement and looked at this fairly large, lanky and straight haired kid lying on the manger floor.  Where were the curls? Where was that cute little angora face?  What is this little creature?? I looked at her sister and then at her and shook my head.  Nature has a sence of humor.  Marilyn has a very nice personality and if someone hasn't snapped her away from us, I plan on combing out in the spring, instead of shearing her.



Norna entered our farm's family on June 5, 2003 when she was born to Lindy.  She has very soft fleece for a maturing doe.  At each shearing, I go to throw her fleece in the "adult" bag but can't bring myself to do it because it feels so soft.  This spring she gave us 9 3/4 lbs of mohair. 


Meet Tristin.  Tristin was born onMarch 25, 2007 and she is a twin to Trixie.  She comes from the recessive black line. Tristin is old enough now to leave home but needs another year of growing before being bred.  We do not breed our angoras unless they are 18 months old and at least 60 lbs.  I do not believe in babies having babies of any species <s> 

Pixie is a white color carrier born a twin on May 2, 2004.  Both parents were black but different gene pools.  It took us a while to figure out who belongs to which pool but we are starting to get a handle on it and this year, we only had one one planned set of white twins.  I believe our one doe carries both genes and sometimes she will throw a gorgeous color and the next time she will give white when bred to the dominant line. .This year I bred her to a different buck and the kids came out white, yet their fleece quality and facial coverage was beautiful.

Notice the wire cage - that's a tree I planted and for it to survive the goats, it needs to be fenced in like Fort Knox. 

Squirt was only 3 3/4 lbs when she was born and therfore, her name.  Squirt is Pixie's daughter and again, she was a surprise.  Our buck field is just a paige wire away from our girls so every year we have at least 3 or 4 surprises.  Makes life interesting never knowing, <g>

Squirt was born April 3, 2006.  We deworm by a method called FAMACHA.  We have a small color chart, rated 1 -5 that we compare their inner eyelids too. If they are a 4 or 5, we deworm.  Sometimes I will also deworm at 3 depending on the goat's condition, the weather conditions, and their previous scores.  Squirt seems very parasite resistant as she has never been lower than a 3 and therefore very little worming.

Saffron is a Registered white doe born April 1/06. The day we took these pictures, the garbage pail and the saw horses were standing up.  With 10 little does running around not wanting their picture taken causes havoc at times. Saffron was NOT a surprise but a planned kid. LOL

Lenae is one of our first color carriers born on the farm. She was born May 26, 2001 to a black reccessive mother and a white color carrier dad.  She has since produced two sets of twins - one black and one white each time she was bred.